Rasa Legal Receives Access to Justice Award

Updated March 1, 2024

October 26, 2022

Rasa Legal Receives Access to Justice Award

Salt Lake City UTRasa Legal, a new Utah legal tech startup, was selected as this year’s Access to Justice winner at the annual American Legal Technology Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. Rasa was honored for its innovative approach to making criminal record expungement affordable, and therefore more accessible, to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to clear their records. 

“A just society is one in which justice is accessible not just to those who have power and money, but to all members of the society,” said Lucy Ricca, Director of Policy and Programs at the Deborah L. Rhode Center on the Legal Profession, who nominated Rasa for the award. 

“Rasa is one of the few companies radically rethinking the provision of legal services to materially increase access to justice for those who need it most – using technology to create an accessible and affordable service that solves a major barrier to positive social participation for millions of people,” said Ricca.

Through the use of their new technology, individuals can use a simple web application to find out whether their records are eligible for expungement. If the records are eligible, Rasa is able to represent clients seeking to clear their criminal records for a flat rate of $250 per case. This technology makes second chances possible for those who can’t afford the lofty price tag of the traditional process other law firms use.

Record expungement can clear a path for access to housing and jobs, higher wages, and a better quality of life for those who have been held back by background checks.

“Rasa’s work has changed and will change the lives of many people, enabling them to move past mistakes and rebuild their lives,” said Ricca.

Another nomination for the award, from Anna Carpenter, founder and director of Justice Lab, touts that “Rasa is leading the nation in leveraging Utah’s Sandbox to show lawyers what is possible with innovative legal services reform. With the support of social impact investors, technology, and innovative non-profit and government partnerships, Rasa’s model shows that it is possible to provide high-quality legal services at affordable prices. These legal services are deeply needed by people and change people’s lives.”

Rasa also partners with businesses to offer Rasa’s app and low cost legal services as part of employee benefit programs. Employers are finding that in a tight labor market, these programs are powerful recruiting and retention tools and support DEI initiatives. 

The web app can be accessed at Rasa-Legal.com. The attached photo is of Noella Sudbury receiving the award, sponsored by ARAG Legal Insurance, in Nashville, TN, and is available for editorial use.   


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