In a digital age, your records are at everyone’s fingertips. 9 out of 10 employers and 4 out of 5 landlords ask about criminal records, which makes it difficult for you to obtain jobs and housing. Criminal records can also make it difficult to do other things, like get an education, obtain a loan, volunteer in your child’s school, or achieve financial stability.

Clearing your criminal record can be life-changing, because it opens up access to all kinds of opportunities. Here are a few of the many benefits of record clearance:

People without records are 60% more likely to get a job interview

Just one year after record clearance, average wages go up by over 20%

customer reviews

I reached out to Rasa Legal to learn about options for expunging a few records I had from college. Rasa was able to clearly present me all of my options, in a zero pressure way. With Utah’s new Clean Slate program I had the option of waiting for auto clearance or going through the petition-based process. I chose the latter, and chose to have Rasa represent me and could not have had a better experience. Rasa was very communicative through the whole process and was a very cost-effective option compared to other firms in the state. I would not hesitate to recommend Rasa to anyone that is looking for expungement services in the state of Utah.


Huge THANK YOU to Rasa for helping me take care of my 2nd expungement. When I received my certificates I planned on completing this myself but between working two jobs and being a full time parent for my toddler, time flew by. Before I knew it my certificates were going to expire. I called Noella Ciara and Amy and they jumped on this and got it completed for me. They made this simple for me and handled all the work.
THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!! If you need help with your expungement, contact Rasa. They are incredible.


BEST. DAY. EVER. Thank you so very much for all of your help in getting both of these charges expunged from my record! I passed my background check with my new potential employer and received a generous offer letter which increases my current salary by 17%!! I am so excited! I hope you and Hollee realize how much you help people and the impact you have on their lives! I can’t thank you enough!! 🙂


Rasa has definitely been a game changer for me, I have a not-so-pretty past Rasa has made it a lot easier for me to finally hold my head up. The help I got from them is priceless! Not to mention the absolute best human beings there! Not once did I feel any judgment, nothing but pure love! Thank you Rasa for being a part of helping me clean up my past!


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