Rasa for Employers

1 in 3 Americans have a criminal record.

Hiring people with records enables employers to access a larger, more diverse talent pool. This can help employers fill open jobs, find skilled and loyal workers, support people who have overcome significant life challenges, and make a positive social impact in their communities.

did you know?

lower turnover rates
for people with records



of HR leaders say fair chance hires perform
the same or better than other employees.

increase talent pool
by including people with records



Rasa connects Arizona and Utah employers with thousands of eligible, qualified candidates they are not reaching through mainstream hiring tactics. Our eligibility, marketing, and record clearance services remove hiring barriers for employers and provide individuals a path to a second chance.

our plans:


$500 per month

  • Unlimited access to our Eligibility Tool for all your employees
  • Employees can determine what is on their record and whether it is eligible for record clearance
  • Free consultation with Rasa for those who are eligible for record clearance
  • Custom landing page and code for your employees
  • Annual impact and usage reporting


$2500 per month

  • Unlimited marketing of open jobs to our 13,000+ user base
  • Ability to filter based on type of record and professional experience
  • Annual impact and usage reporting


Let's Talk

  • Full record clearance services for employees
  • Dedicated account manager to assist with intake, onboarding, and legal case management
  • Legal services include:
    • Initial consultation
    • Assistance with application process
    • Preparation of all legal paperwork
    • Handling all responses from prosecutors
    • Obtaining final expungement orders
  • Annual impact and usage reporting