Utah’s Clean Slate Law (HB 431).  Here is a link to Utah’s Clean Slate law.  This law automates the criminal record expungement process for most misdemeanor level offenses, so long as individuals have the type and number of records that are eligible for expungement and have remained crime free for a set period of time.  For more information about Utah’s Clean Slate law, click here.

Expungement Fee Amendments (HB 392). This bill was sponsored by Rep. Jim Dunnigan, from Taylorsville. It creates a pilot program that significantly reduces fees associated with the expungement process.  More specifically, between May 4, 2022 and June 30, 2023, no BCI certificate fees or court fees will be charged.  This makes it so the only government fee people will have to pay is the $65 fee to apply.

Expungement Modifications (SB 35). This bill was sponsored by Senator Todd Weiler and makes a number of process improvements to Utah’s petition-based expungement system.  It also adjusts the numerical limits on offenses to allow for an unlimited number of misdemeanor B and C level offenses, if a person remains crime free for over 10 years.

Partners & Second Chance Employers

Too many talented people are left out of the workforce because of their records or cannot take the next step in their career, because a record is holding them back.

Rasa is partnering with second chance employers and community-based organizations to offer expungement employee benefit programs.  Under these programs, employers offer expungement as a benefit to their employees—just like they would other benefits like a gym membership or insurance.  These programs can help employers recruit new talent and retain existing talent at their companies. There are few stronger signals to an employee that you are a second chance employer than investing in their future.  If you are an employer that is interested in offering expungement as a benefit at your company, click here.

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Rasa’s Webinar on the Expungement Process
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