Criminal Record Expungement in Utah: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

A criminal record can be a major obstacle when it comes to obtaining employment, housing, and even education. In Utah, individuals may be able to have their criminal records expunged, which means that the record is sealed from public view. There is a pilot program that provides fee waivers for those who want to apply for expungement. However, this program is coming to an end on June 30, 2023. Starting the process of expungement before that date could save individuals hundreds of dollars in government fees.

Criminal Record Expungement Process in Utah

To start the process of expungement in Utah, individuals must first determine their eligibility. Utah law allows for arrests, dismissals, and certain misdemeanor and felony convictions to be expunged. Eligibility is based on how many records a person has, the types of records they have, the length of time they have been out of the justice system. Once eligibility is determined, the individual must then file an application with the Department of Public Safety to get the paperwork needed to prepare their court filings. Once the court paperwork is submitted, the court will review it and determine whether to grant the expungement. If the expungement is granted, the individual's criminal record will be sealed from public view.

Rasa: A Public Benefit Corporation Making Expungement Accessible and Affordable

Rasa is a public benefit corporation that is working to make expungement simple and affordable. Unlike traditional law firms that charge several thousand dollars for expungement, Rasa has a simple transparent pricing model of $250 per case. Rasa also has a simple eligibility tool that allows people to check to see what cases are eligible for expungement. Rasa understands the importance of criminal record expungement and is committed to helping individuals move past their criminal history and have a fresh start.

The Importance of Starting the Expungement Process Now

There is a pilot program in place that waives government fees until June 30, 2023, So, it is important for individuals to start the expungement process now. Starting the process before the deadline can potentially save individuals hundreds of dollars in government fees. Additionally, the process can take several months, so starting early can help ensure that the expungement is granted in a timely manner. Rasa makes the process of expungement as easy and affordable as possible, which can help individuals move forward with their lives.

What are You Waiting For?

Criminal record expungement can be a life-changing process for individuals who have been held back by their criminal history. People without records are 63% more likely to get a job interview and average wages go up by over 20% just one year after record clearance. In Utah, the process of expungement can be affordable and accessible with the help of Rasa. Rasa's simple pricing model and eligibility tool make the process of expungement as easy as possible and can help individuals move forward with their lives. Don’t wait to get started! Try Rasa’s eligibility tool today!

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