BCI Processing Updates

I’ve filed my BCI application but haven’t heard anything for months.  What’s going on?

We are receiving a lot of questions from people about the status of their BCI applications. It’s been frustrating for all of us that there is such a long wait. So, we thought we’d provide an update to everyone.

BCI is currently processing expungement applications that were received on January 24, 2023. So, if you applied after that date, and haven’t heard from BCI or Rasa yet, there is no need to be worried. If you want to monitor where BCI is in the application review process, you can visit their website to get a real time update.

What’s going on with automatic expungement under Utah’s Clean Slate law?

We just received an update from the courts and BCI on the processing of automatic expungements under Utah’s Clean Slate law. In total, over 534,000 cases are eligible for automatic expungement under Utah’s Clean Slate law. 

This will have a huge impact on people with records, but clearing that volume of records takes the government a while to achieve. Here is an update on where things stand.

Of the cases eligible for automatic expungement, the courts have issued close to 300,000 automatic expungement orders, including:

    • 88,630 in district courts across the state;
    • 213,675 in justice courts across the state

While close to 300,000 cases have been ordered expunged by the Utah courts, only 93,654 of those cases have been fully cleared by the Department of Public Safety. This means that some of those cases may not appear on your court history, but will appear on your Utah criminal history until they are fully expunged.

You can learn more about Utah’s Clean Slate law, or review which types of cases qualify for automatic clearance on our Legal Resources page.

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