Rasa Partners with USARA to Create Fund for Second Chances

Salt Lake City, UT, Sept. 1, 2023 – As part of recovery month, Rasa Legal is partnering with Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness (USARA) to create a Second Chance Fund to sponsor legal representation and cover government fees for people trying to clear their criminal records. Rasa is asking the community to support the mission and donate matching charitable funds to directly sponsor expungement for even more people. 

“We see expungement as part of the recovery process,” said Mary Jo McMillen, Executive Director of USARA. “A record can hold people back for years, but starting with a clear record can help people move forward with their lives without the limitations and stigma of their past.”

In honor of Recovery Month and Utah Recovery Days, Rasa is planning to donate legal representation in one qualifying case for each day of September. In addition, Rasa is offering complimentary use of their eligibility tool (the first step of expungement), regularly $15, at select USARA Recovery Day events throughout the month. Newly donated funds will be used to continue to expunge more records and cover the cost of government fees associated with the process. 

“This donation shows how passionate Rasa Legal is about providing second chances to people in recovery,” said Noella Sudbury, Founder and CEO of Rasa Legal. “We hope our donation of services will inspire others to pledge charitable dollars that can help people who can’t afford to clear their records and move forward with their lives.” 

The number of people with criminal records is surprisingly high – in Utah, one in four people have a criminal record, and drug convictions are one of the most common records. People with criminal records face significant hurdles in participating as productive members of society. Criminal records can impact housing, employment, and access to public benefits, among other challenges. 

People who get their records expunged are 63% more likely to get a job interview, and their wages go up 22% just one year after record clearance. In addition, research shows that people who have their records expunged are no more likely to commit a new crime than any other member of the general public. 

“Expungement work has changed and will change the lives of many people in recovery, enabling them to move past mistakes and rebuild their lives,” said Sudbury.

Charitable donations to the Second Chance Fund can be made at www.myusara.com/SecondChance/, or find more information about USARA Recovery Days events at www.RecoveryDay.org/

Individuals must be eligible for a 402 reduction or expungement under Utah law to be considered for sponsorship. Funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who qualify. To check your eligibility, and be considered for sponsorship, go to https://www.rasa-legal.com/welcome-scf/.



For more information or interviews, Media can contact Emily Moench at [email protected] or (385) 234-1551.

About Rasa

Rasa is a legal tech company on a mission to provide simple and affordable criminal record expungement. The company developed sophisticated computer software that analyzes criminal record databases and streamlines many of the complex and time-consuming steps associated with determining eligibility for expungement. These affordable expungement services clear a path for access to housing and jobs, higher wages, and a better quality of life for those who have been held back by background checks. For more information, visit https://www.rasa-legal.com/welcome-scf/.


About USARA:

Since its founding in 2006, USARA (Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness) has served thousands of individuals recovering from the effects of substance use disorders on the person, families, and the community. USARA provides a range of services, including peer-based coaching, a family support program, and support to those in acute crisis. Additionally, USARA leads the way in advocating for the recovery community with policymakers in Utah through supporting legislation that promotes access to health care, funding for prevention, treatment and recovery support services, and criminal justice reform. Learn more at www.myusara.com

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