Rasa Legal Hosts Arizona Grand Opening with Free Record Clearance Clinic and Resource Fair

Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 28, 2023 – A new legal tech company that specializes in providing easy and affordable criminal record clearance services is expanding into Arizona, and is putting on a free record sealing clinic and community resource fair for the public. The event will take place on Dec. 6, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. MST, on the Arizona State University, Downtown Phoenix Campus. Attendees must RSVP at Rasa-Legal.com/AZ-fair.

“Earlier this year, Arizona’s brand new sealing law went into effect, allowing people to clear their records and open up opportunities for housing, jobs, and education,” said Noella Sudbury, founder and CEO of Rasa Legal. “Research shows that helping people clear their criminal records is good for public safety, good for the economy, and has an incredible impact on the families of those who are justice-involved.”

1 in 3 Americans, including over 2 million people in the state of Arizona, have some type of misdemeanor or felony level criminal record. Even old and minor records can prevent people from getting safe housing and jobs, and lack of employment of those with records is estimated to cost the United States economy $87 billion each year.

More than 90% of people eligible to clear their records have not made it through the process.

Most people need a lawyer to help them successfully clear their record, and unfortunately, most people cannot afford one.

Rasa is a new legal tech company on a mission to make record clearance simple and affordable. The company has created a unique eligibility tool that uses advanced technology to scan criminal records in Arizona court databases to identify what is on your record. It then processes the information and compares your records to Arizona law, to determine what legal options are available to you. Rasa’s eligibility tool takes less than 3 minutes to use and will be free for those who attend the event.

Rasa is opening in Arizona on December 6, 2023, alongside the free record clearance clinic and resource fair.

The event is for those with any type of criminal record. Registered attendees can:

  • Meet with a volunteer lawyer or system navigator who can help them identify their eligibility for sealing, expungement, set aside, or rights restoration;
  • Be entered into a drawing to win free legal representation from Rasa. Thanks to a generous grant from American Family Insurance, Rasa Legal will offer free representation in our first 100 cases. Individuals will be randomly selected and must pre-register for the event to be entered.
  • Get information about health, housing, and employment resources, and receive services from non-profit community partners;
  • Participate in a fair chance hiring event with employers interviewing and offering jobs onsite to people with records.

The record sealing and expungement clinic and resource fair is sponsored by Rasa Legal, Arizona State University and the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. Space is limited and attendees must RSVP at Rasa-Legal.com/AZ-fair.




Interviews with Noella Sudbury, Founder and CEO of Rasa Legal, are available. For media inquiries, please contact Emily Moench at [email protected] or (385) 234-1551.


About Rasa

Rasa is a legal tech company on a mission to provide simple and affordable criminal record clearance, including expungement, sealing, set-asides, rights restoration, and certificates of second chance. The company developed sophisticated computer software that analyzes criminal record databases and streamlines many of the complex and time-consuming steps associated with record clearance. These affordable legal services clear a path for access to housing and jobs, higher wages, and a better quality of life for those who have been held back by background checks. For more information, visit www.rasa-legal.com.

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