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Don’t let old records hold you back

Are you ready to put the past behind you? Rasa makes the process of clearing criminal records in Utah simple and affordable for everyone. Don’t let old records hold you back. For only $15, you can determine if you are eligible for expungement in less than 3 minutes. Start now.

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a brighter future

Hiring Rasa to help you clear your criminal records can significantly increase your chances of obtaining better employment, education, and other opportunities. Having a criminal record can be a significant barrier to opportunity, but expunging it can make all the difference. With a clean record, individuals can apply for jobs and school with confidence, knowing that their past mistakes will not hold them back. Rasa can help individuals navigate the expungement process and give them a better chance at a brighter future.

our process

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Step 1: Screening

We will ask you a few basic screening questions to determine the best way to help you expunge your records.

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Step 2: Identity verification

To protect your privacy, we will verify your identity.

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Step 3: Record analysis

We will analyze your records to determine if your records are eligible for expungement.

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Step 4: Legal services

If you are eligible to clear your record, we can serve as your lawyer throughout the expungement process, keeping you informed every step of the way.


how much more likely candidates who have cleared their records are to get a call back for an interview

invest in yourself

Unlike traditional law firms, which will charge somewhere between $2,000 to $3,000 for expunging records, Rasa offers to expunge up to 3 records for just $500 (does not include the $65 application fee and costs $250 more for each additional case). We are able to make expungement legal services much more affordable because our sophisticated software streamlines many of the manual steps associated with the expungement process.

"BEST. DAY. EVER. Thank you so very much for all of your help in getting both of these charges expunged from my record! I passed my background check with my new potential employer and received a generous offer letter which increases my current salary by 17%!! I am so excited! I hope you and Hollee realize how much you help people and the impact you have on their lives! I can’t thank you enough!"

- JT



“I can’t describe the profound sense of relief and happiness I felt when my record was cleared. I will never forget what it felt like to have my employer offer this benefit to me and Rasa made it so easy to access. This benefit reaffirms to me that my employer cares about me as a person and wants to invest in my future. It builds my loyalty as an employee and makes it more likely I will stay here.”

- ED



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