Arizona Rights Restorations

When you are convicted of a felony in the state of Arizona, you lose a number of rights that other people enjoy.  These rights include the right to vote, hold public office, serve as a juror, and possess a firearm.  In some circumstances, felony convictions can also prevent you from obtaining a professional license, finding a place to live, or getting a loan.

While a felony record can hold someone back years after their involvement in the justice system, Arizona has a legal process called rights restoration that can restore someone’s right to some of these privileges. 

Whether you can restore your rights, and how easy that is, depends on how many felonies you have on your record.  If you have just one felony, your rights will automatically be restored upon completion of probation or receipt of absolute discharge.  If you have more than one felony conviction, you can file an application to restore your rights once you complete probation or two years have passed from your date of absolute discharge.

Regardless of how many felonies you have, you must pay all fines, fees and restitution in order to restore your rights.

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